One News A Day Syndrome

Competition to grab the attention of the viewers has been intense in the past few years. With so many channels in audio-visual mediums like TV and Internet one would have expected that all major events of the day get reported adequately so that viewers of all kinds have their share of information and opinion. Unfortunately that does not happen as practically every channel picks up just about one story that is likely to catch attention.

Today is no exception. Most of the reporting for today is around the sad demise of Sarabjeet Singh in Pakistan. The event is a very unfortunate one as there appears to be some obvious complicity of Pakistani authorities. The truth will hopefully come out some time in future. But the fact remains that two large countries with so many demographic similarities should be responsible enough to understand the human side of things. Propaganda, posturing and whipping of passions is dangerous and should not be practiced at any cost. Politicians must not try to cash on these tragedies and setup fights on symbolic values. Moderation in confronting unfortunate events like these is an absolute need in the larger interest of millions of people on either side of the line-of-control. Let us  hope that authorities on either side will take appropriate steps to get out of this situation.

Media on its part can do its duties by reporting dozens of other events happening in this large country. Blacking out of a large chunk of other news is no way to deal with public reporting. All of us will be served much better if we get to know all that is happening and mis-happening around us, rather than being a witness to the media ritual of one event being beaten to pulp.


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