Honesty is the Best Policy

Most of us very early in our life have been advised to be honest in every dealing we have in real life. But most often this advice is used as a piece of non-essential moral baggage by most of the people. So many among us use honesty in a contextual sense and try to permeate a personal sense of honesty that is far from universal. Just have a thought if there is a universal meaning to honesty, at least in a local sense limited to our own cultural traditions.

One thought on “Honesty is the Best Policy

  1. Just take a look at your life. It\’s filled with arguments, isn\’t it? You are so used to arguing. You argue with yourself and you argue with everyone about honestey. And the basis of this argument is your logic, your limited world of experiences—it is a drop in the ocean. By the way,yes,honest is the best policy.

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